Language Immersion

Language Immersion Programs

Do you dream of speaking a language fluently?  How about experiencing a new culture not as a tourist, but as a traveler?  There's a simple way to experience both at the same time: language immersion.

Language immersion involves putting yourself in a completely new situation.  Instead of speaking a language only while you're in class, you'll use it all day every day -- whether you're asking for directions, conversing with a new friend, or reading the placards in a museum.  By combining travel with study, language immersion allows you to delve into a new culture via the language.

EF's language immersion programs will improve your knowledge of French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese or Chinese in a fast an efficient way. Language immersion has been shown to be one of the most effective methods of language study, and EF's language immersion programs carry a guarantee. Studying with EF, you'll combine first-rate classroom education with daily exposure to the language through your interactions with your host family and international classmates -- and you'll put it to use soaking up the culture of your destination country!