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Learning Chinese can be difficult. Our Chinese programs use innovative techniques and lots of practice to make learning easier. While living in China, you will be speaking Chinese all the time. You will be able to make friends with local Chinese students. With that much exposure, you're sure to find our Chinese programs effective.

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Don't be intimidated at the prospect of learning Chinese. Our Chinese programs are designed to pack the maximum amount of learning into however much time you have available. Whether you stay for a few weeks or several months, you're guaranteed to make immense progress. And as the most widely spoken language in the world, you can't go wrong signing up for one of our Chinese programs. No matter what your current level, whether beginner or advanced, you'll gain a unique advantage by actually studying the language in China. So consider taking one of our Chinese programs today.

Chinese programs in Beijing

Beijing is China's capital hub for political, cultural and educational activity. If you want to master Chinese, enroll in a Chinese program in Beijing where you will be immersed head to toe in Chinese language and culture. Our courses in China's bustling capital city are highly intensive but can be tailored to fit any goal.

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