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Learn French Abroad

Why learn French?

French is a romantic and poetic language, but it's also very useful-- it's spoken by 350 million people around the world, and it is an official language of many multinational organizations including the United Nations, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, and the International Red Cross. French is the only language other than English spoken on five continents. And with French's popularity as a foreign language (second worldwide after English), there are continually more people you can use French to communicate with. 

If you are interested in literature or art, or in working with people from other countries, you might want to study French abroad. Studying French in France will allow you to learn about France's culture in addition to the French language. Only when you study French abroad in France can you develop a genuine appreciation for the beauty of Paris or the charm of Nice-- not just as a tourist, but as someone who has fully opened up to the French way of life.  Speaking French will also improve your travel options, as a number of countries around the world claim French as their official language. When you learn French abroad, you thus have a unique opportunity to experience new cultures as well as a new language.

French isn't generally hailed as an easy language to learn, but its accessibility might actually surprise you. French has had a huge influence on the English language over the years, and as a result, over 20,000 English words have roots in French (a few words, like "internet", have also gone the other way). 

Where can you study French abroad?

It's a dream for most people to travel to France.  But when you learn French abroad in France, you really get to experience French culture first-hand.  Even better, when you study abroad at an accredited school like EF Paris or EF Nice, you'll get a top-notch French language education while you experience everything this beautiful country has to offer. Whether you’re in French class with students whose first language is different from yours or just walking around town, you’ll use French constantly for communication, navigation, etc. With so many chances to practice, you’ll be amazed how fast you learn the language when you study French abroad.