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Learn Italian Abroad

Why learn Italian?

Italian is a romantic and beautiful language spoken by 58 million people world-wide.  It is particularly useful for anyone interested in opera, painting, design, literature, architecture or cooking. Beyond the charms of Italy itself, expatriate communities abroad comprise an additional 5 million Italian speakers, with the largest expatriate communities located in Brazil and the USA. And Italian's useful isn't confined to Italy: countries where Italian is an official language include San Marino and the Vatican (two tiny enclaves within Italy) and Ticino, a canton in Switzerland.

Whether you want to learn Italian so that you can understand the brilliance of Dante Alighieri's famous works or so that you can learn to read (and then cook) amazing authentic recipes, you might want to study Italian abroad. Studying Italian in Italy will allow you to appreciate Italian culture through the local language. When you learn Italian abroad in Italy, you will learn about the romantic and laid-back Italian lifestyle.  Therefore, you can learn Italian abroad if you also want to get a sense of what it's like to be Italian.

It is much easier to learn Italian than most people think. With its straight-forward pronunciation and melodious prosody, Italian will surprise you with how much fun it can be! Even at the beginning stages, you'll be able to communicate with locals: there are a number of hand gestures generally used and understood by Italians that you can use to supplement your spoken Italian.

Where can you study Italian abroad?

If you want to learn Italian abroad in Italy, the best strategy is to study with an accredited school.  The combined influence of classroom instruction and real-world learning will help you grow confident and talented in communicating in Italian!  When you study in Italy with Education First, you'll be surrounded by a diverse group of students from around the world. Whether you’re in Italian class with students whose first language is different from yours or just walking around town, you’ll constantly be using Italian to communicate. With that many chances to practice, you’ll be amazed how fast you learn to the language when you study Italian abroad.