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With its historic university and diverse student population, Oxford is known as the academic heart of England. At the EF Academy UK boarding school in Oxford, you will combine contemporary learning with Britain’s academic traditions for the ultimate pre-university experience that will position you for success in the globalized 21st century.

Academics at EF Academy Oxford

The student body at our two-year private high school in Oxford is made up of mature, open-minded students. Those who succeed here have a love of culture and ideas and a willingness to engage in global issues, both of which are incorporated in our academic philosophy.

From your first day at our boarding school in Oxford, you will begin developing the skills needed to succeed at university. At EF Academy Oxford we emphasize a pre-university experience that involves cultivating an environment that encourages students to be independent and responsible. We actively develop our link to the University of Oxford by inviting PhD students to run sessions at our school. To ensure they are ready for independent research at university level, all students have full access to the library and sports facilities at Oxford Brookes University, located next to our campus.


The academic focus at Oxford

University Guidance

Our experienced university guidance counselors work with each student to help them determine what their best program and university options are. Throughout the research and application processes, our counselors are available to answer any questions students have. Once offers start coming in, students will receive thorough preparation for interviews, the IELTS exam and any other tests they must take for their desired program choice.

Meet the Faculty & Staff

Clubs & Activities

At EF Academy Oxford, students have a wide variety of activities and clubs to choose from. From special interest clubs like debate and film, to academic clubs including French and math, there is something for everyone. The activities coordinator also organizes regular trips to various museums and galleries in Oxford and London.

Other activities at EF Academy Oxford include:

  • School Blog
  • Model United Nations
  • Investor Challenge
  • Internal Chess Competition
  • Rock Climbing Club

The Campus

EF Academy’s boarding school in Oxford is a five-minute bike ride from the city’s center. The small and vibrant city has beautiful buildings and a large, diverse academic community dominated by the famous university.

Our British high school in Oxford is spread over two campuses that are a separated by a 3-minute walk down Pullens Lane, a one-lane road in a quiet residential neighborhood. Both parts of the school are characterized by traditional architecture and outdoor spaces where students meet to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner or to grab a coffee during their study break. The residence buildings and some classrooms are on one part of the campus, while the reception, dining hall, gym, library and more classrooms are on the other part. Beyond the campus, you will find shops, restaurants, cafes and cinemas, which offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of your host country.


What makes Oxford different

Map showing the immediate area of EF Academy Oxford

Campus Address

Cotuit Hall, Pullens Lane
Oxford OX3 ODA 
United Kingdom


Campus Address

Cotuit Hall, Pullens Lane
Oxford OX3 ODA 
United Kingdom



We offer two accommodation options for students at our boarding school in Oxford: student residence and host family arrangement. Both offer students the comfort of home and the space they need to study and complete homework.

In the residence at our international high school, students build lasting friendships while developing their independence. The on-campus buildings also house a welcoming student lounge with comfortable furniture and tables. House parents enforce curfew times, ensure students are looked after when they are home and provide them with snacks and drinks in the lounge in the evenings. A full-time nurse who is also a house parent is on campus at all times during the week and on the weekends.

Students who choose our other form of accommodation live with a local family and walk to campus before and after school. They benefit from living in an actual home environment and are cared for by adults who have been screened and vetted by school officials. 


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