Flexible online teaching

We understand all teachers are different, which is why we offer flexible teaching options. You can choose to teach children or adults English online.

Whoever you choose to teach you'll connect with students from around the world and make a positive difference in their lives.

Why should you teach English online?

Start teaching English online from home and connect with students from around the world.

Teaching English from home on our platform lets you do all this:

  • Teach internationally from home
  • No seasonality so you can teach all year round
  • Schedule teaching to fit in with the rest of your life
  • Teach in a simple to use online classroom
  • All teaching materials are provided as optional resources for you
  • Make a difference in the lives of students around the world

Teach English online to kids or adults

Flexible online teaching means choosing who you want to teach. We offer lessons with children or adults. Different age groups provide new challenges and rewards.

male online teacher walking down a street
Child and parent waving at online English teacher

Teach kids English online

You can choose to teach English online to children in China. Teach young learners in one-to-one classes and help connect the next generation through language.

More about teaching kids

Blended learning for kids

Our classes for children in China are based on a blended learning model. Children attend an in-person group class at an EF English centre. They then choose to take a personalised one-to-one online lesson each week.

As an online teacher, you will be such an important part of their learning process. One-to-one lessons help students focus, reinforce skills, gain confidence and experience a global perspective.


Teach English to adults around the world. Help your students grow in confidence and achieve their personal or professional goals.

You could be teaching English to adults from all over the world!

You may be teaching professionals who want to progress in their careers, young adults who want to gain a place at university, or anyone wanting to achieve a personal language learning goal.

More about teaching adults
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Teaching adults

Teaching adults offers the flexibility of small group and one-to-one classes. In group classes, you’ll help students gain confidence with their conversational English. Classes are small with between 5-8 students and cover different everyday topics.

In private lessons, the content is tailored to the student’s goals. Your one-to-one support will help your student focus. They'll benefit from instant feedback and your undivided attention. Learn more about teaching materials