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If you’re looking to improve your Spanish, then you’re sure to find one of our unique Spanish programs that will suit your needs. Whether you already speak the language or you’re a complete beginner, our innovative Spanish courses are run with small class sizes and an emphasis on confident communication.

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It shouldn't be hard to find a Spanish program to meet your needs. There are course levels for beginner, intermediate, and advanced speakers of the language, and a pre-program test ensures that you'll be accurately placed in a study group at your level. Spanish programs vary in length, from a few weeks to a full academic year, so you're free to decide how long you want to spend strengthening your language skills. You can also choose from multiple locations in the Spanish-speaking world, so you find a destination that suits your personality and goals. There are so many great Spanish programs that the most difficult aspect is deciding which one to choose.

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We have Spanish programs to help you achieve your goals, no matter what they are. If you want to learn Spanish more quickly, you can sign up for an intensive course with 32 lessons per week. If you're interested in Spanish programs that enable you to travel around your chosen destination, you can enroll in a course with less course time and more free time to explore. You can study Spanish as it relates to business, humanities, or the arts by taking a special interest class. If you want official recognition of your proficiency, sign up for an exam-preparation course. There are even Spanish programs that include an unpaid internship so you can use the language professionally.