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Take a virtual trip with these 10 travel Instagram accounts
min read min

Instagram is your virtual window to the world. Follow the right Insta-travelers and you can practica...

6 ways to stay connected to your international friends while at home
min read min

Forging connections with international friends is both rewarding and challenging. At first, the vast...

Pose, snap, “smoast”: An Instagram guide to #London
min read min

Smoasting is to boast about your life on social media, and no other platform does this quite as beau...

Pose, snap, share: An Instagram guide to #NewYork
min read min

Recording and sharing memories is almost as important as making them these days, and Instagram is th...

How to use Instagram to plan your next trip: 5 tips
min read min

We’re all familiar with Instagram. It’s a great way to share photos of how Starbucks misspelled your...

How to document and share your travels
min read min

It’s hard when a dream trip comes to an end and you have to unpack, get used to routines and work ag...