Get paid to teach English online

Earn money from home as an online English teacher. Decide how many hours you want to teach, based on your needs and commitments.

You'll be matched with students from our established and growing pool and you can select as many classes as you wish to teach from those available.

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We all have goals and dreams. Whether you’re supporting your family, funding a passion project, or want to make a little extra on the side – teaching English online can help you achieve your financial goals.

Use our calculator to see how much you could get paid teaching English online from home.

How to get paid as an online English teacher?

We are a U.S. based company and online English teachers are paid via direct deposit (after initial bank validation via physical check for 1 to 3 months).

Teachers invoice by the 10th of the month following each teaching month, and payments are processed on the 26th day of that month.

How to apply as an online English teacher

Applying to teach English online with EF Teach Online only takes a few minutes.

You'll need to fill in a contact form and upload your resume, degree certificate, and TEFL (or equivalent) certificate - if you have it already. Then you're done!

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