Teach English to adults online

Teaching English online to adults is an excellent opportunity if you would like to interact with students from around the world while being home-based.

You can choose when to teach and lead both one-to-one and small groups classes.

This is a fulfilling teaching role as you'll help your students reach personal or professional language learning goals.

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The day-to-day of teaching adults English online

You don’t need prior teaching experience to teach English to adults online. Plenty of enthusiasm and a desire to share your knowledge is a great starting point.

What is teaching adults English online like?

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"Now that I am at the end of my first month teaching with EF, I can safely say that I have learnt a lot about personal time management, communication and cultural differences.

Whilst I do think the role has married up with my expectations, I am very surprised by how rewarding teaching can be. Being online, I did not expect to be able to form interpersonal relations with students so easily. It really is amazing how a shared interest for the English language can cross geographical and physical barriers.

Overall, teaching English online definitely isn’t your average job – I mean how many people can say that they have spoken with people from all 6 continents before their 11am coffee break?!"

This is Katie - online English teacher for adults.

The requirements to teach English to adults online

We believe anyone has the ability to teach.

However, no matter what your previous experience is, you need to meet the following requirements in order to teach English to adults online.

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How much can I earn teaching adults online?

Rates start at $12 per hour long class

  • Our global pool of students means you can teach throughout the day

  • Easily schedule teaching around your other commitments

  • Combine a variety of lessons in the morning, afternoon or evening to easily maximize your earning potential

  • Teach group classes or one-to-one lessons

  • Help adult learners of all ages reach professional and personal goals

How many hours can you teach per week?
Your potential monthly income teaching 20 hours a week: