Nalgene Outdoor Named EF Go Ahead Tours’ Official Water Bottle for Sustainable Travel

  • In a Move to Significantly Reduce Single-Use Plastics, EF Go Ahead Tours Encourages a “Refill Over Landfill” Travel Mentality on Itineraries from Central America to Northern Europe
4th June 2024

June 4, 2024, Rochester, NY --In advance of the busy summer travel season when an estimated 82% of Americans are planning to travel, EF Go Ahead Tours, a leading provider of guided group tours, proudly names Nalgene Outdoor, the original manufacturer of reusable water bottles as its official sustainable water bottle provider. This reflects a shared commitment to environmental responsibility in reducing single-use plastics in all of life’s travel adventures, from the everyday to the once-in-a-lifetime.

As part of EF Go Ahead’s ever-increasing commitment to responsible travel, the tour operator will gift reusable Nalgene water bottles to travelers embarking on dozens of different itineraries to 25 countries, from Central America to Africa. The bottles are to equip and encourage travelers to adopt a more sustainable travel style opting to “refill over landfill” and reduce single-use plastic consumption. To ensure the ease of accessing clean water during travel, EF Go Ahead’s Tour Directors will help direct travelers to the best refill stations in every destination.

“For us, traveling has always been about more than seeing places at their surface level. Making a positive impact is at the heart of every tour we offer. One way to bring this commitment to life is by educating our travelers on their choices and promoting sustainable practices," says Heidi Durflinger, President of EF Go Ahead Tours. “By partnering with Nalgene Outdoor, a 75-year-old brand recognized for its travel and eco-friendly products, we aim to empower our travelers to help preserve the planet and reduce waste while exploring the world."

Nalgene Outdoor's commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with EF Go Ahead Tours' goal to promote responsible tourism. Founded on the mission to reduce the use of single-use plastics, Nalgene Outdoor was the first water bottle company to adopt recycled materials in its production. For every 32-oz Nalgene bottle, the equivalent of eight single-use bottles are rescued from a landfill, and repurposed into a new reusable bottle. Over the next five years, with its manufacturing, Nalgene Outdoor will divert the equivalent of 4.8 million single-use plastic bottles from landfills; that’s repurposing nearly 11 million pounds of plastic waste!

"Partnering with EF Go Ahead Tours to promote sustainable travel practices is a natural extension for Nalgene Outdoor,” says Elissa McGee, General Manager, Nalgene Outdoor. “Nearly 80% of plastic ever made sits in landfills.* By refilling a Nalgene bottle made from 50% recycled materials that has been rescued from landfills, in one week, travelers are taking small steps toward big impact. When you multiply this by the thousands of people who will travel this summer the total benefit to the world is huge!”

Notoriously durable, Nalgene bottles are known to stand up to the rigors of travel. From gliding seamlessly through airport security, easily stowed in a backpack side-compartment or tucked away in a purse, Nalgene bottles are the perfect lightweight hydration accessory for travel.

As part of the partnership, EF Go Ahead travelers will at select times have the opportunity to purchase additional Nalgene bottles at discount directly at encouraging all to embrace sustainable practices not only while traveling, but for their whole family during everyday life.

Tips for Traveling Responsibly

At its core EF Go Ahead strives to open the world through education and responsible, sustainable business practices. Travel and purchase choices can leave a positive social, economic, and environmental footprint on the destinations and communities EF Go Ahead visits. Heidi Durflinger suggests a few ways that travelers can join EF Go Ahead in attaining this goal, whether on tour across the globe or home in their everyday lives:

  • Travel with a reusable water bottle.

  • Pack your own toiletries and grooming products in reusable containers.

  • Take public transportation or walk whenever possible.

  • Reuse towels and turn off lights when you leave the room.

  • Support local businesses, museums, and national parks.

  • Bypass mass produced souvenirs for handmade crafts made by local artisans.

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