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Learn French in France where the living is good. Be it the beautiful landscapes or the even more beautiful French language, studying French in France is an amazing cultural experience. Whether you decide to go to the Mediterranean and soak up the sunshine, or visit Paris where history is never further than around the corner, you'll realize that there is more to learning French in France than courses and textbooks.

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Study French in France

When you study French in France you can tailor your trip to your specific needs. Do you yearn to live a sophisticated cosmopolitan lifestyle, sipping espresso while reading Le Monde? Now you can! Would you rather top up your tan on the beach and practice your French language skills with friendly locals? It’s all possible when you come to learn French in France. Whether your end goal is to attend a French language school in France, find a job in France, or use French for your travel plans, you can tailor a study plan to your objectives and schedule.

How to Learn French in France

Studying French in France gives you many customizable options, including where you’ll live for the duration of your course. You can opt to live with other students in a student residence, or choose a homestay instead. With homestay, you’ll join your host family for breakfast and dinner, and then during the day you’ll be in classes at our French language school or out and about exploring. This is a great way to experience the French way of life and reinforce your new skills. If you’d prefer a bit more independence as you learn French in France, you can stay in a student residence with fellow classmates from around the world.