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Student exchange programs

Student exchange programs
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Go on a student exchange program abroad and open yourself to a world of opportunity. Our foreign exchange programs range from year-long exchanges to a full college program, including your diploma, at one of our accredited schools. Becoming a foreign exchange student is a big decision. Get in touch so we can discuss your options.

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EF Languages Abroad

EF Languages Abroad

10-14 years
2-8 weeks
Learn a language abroad in an all-inclusive group led by an EF Leader or on an individual, flexible-length course.
Destination: SpainFranceKoreaCosta RicaJapanGermanyItalySingapore
EF Languages Abroad

EF Languages Abroad

14-25 years
2-24 weeks
Learn a language faster at an accredited EF school. Choose from 10 languages in 50 destinations. Start your course any Monday.
Destination: SpainFranceKoreaCosta RicaJapanGermanyItalySingapore
EF Language Year Abroad

EF Language Year Abroad

16+ years
6, 9 or 11 months
Combine language and academic studies abroad at an accredited EF school to prepare for an international career or degree.
Destination: SpainFranceKoreaCosta RicaJapanGermanyItalySingapore
EF Gap Year

EF Gap Year

16 - 24 years
12 or 25 weeks
See the world and gain a global edge with travel, language study, service learning, internship, and leadership.


14-19 years
1-4 years
Private day and boarding school
Study and live with students from 75 nationalities. Gain an internationally recognized diploma and access to a top university.
Destination: USAUnited Kingdom

Why foreign exchange programs

Enrolling in a foreign exchange program is an eye-opening experience. Many students do not go abroad until later, so you'll be getting an educational head start. Our student exchange programs are varied in length and objective. If you would like to become fluent as quickly as possible, consider taking a more intensive option for your student exchange program.

On the other hand, if your looking to embrace the nightlife and view historic monuments, consider a more cultural exchange when looking into a foreign exchange program.

Foreign exchange programs for ambitious students

Whether you want to prepare for an international career or degree, gain admission to university, or learn a new foreign language - you came to the right place.

Our foreign exchange programs range from year-long courses to semester and summer exchange programs, so there's something for everyone who want to become a foreign exchange student. With EF you have the opportunity to choose the program that best suits your schedule, age and individual needs.

Foreign exchange programs for high school students

EF offers foreign exchange programs for high school students aged between 16 and 19 years. During your EF Language Programs abroad, you'll discover a new culture and meet new friends from all over the world. There are plenty of leisure activities, so you'll also have lots of fun outside the classroom.

Foreign exchange programs for college students

For students who are ambitious and know what they want in life, EF offers foreign exchange programs for college students. Accelerate your foreign language skills, prepare for an exam or gain admission to prestigious university abroad with our EF University Foundation Year.

Foreign exchange programs for young adults

EF also offers foreign exchange programs for adults. Nowadays, companies are looking for candidates with international study or work experience and interpersonal skills. A student exchange program for young adults is the ideal solution to significantly improve your career prospects, for instance, by taking an EF Gap Year.

A student exchange accelerates your language skills

A student exchange program is the best way to become proficient at speaking a language. Perfecting your foreign language skills during your studies is a major asset to your future studies and career. Going abroad as a foreign exchange student will give you a big leg up, whatever your future goals.

Not only will your language skills improve, but you'll gain in independence and come home with an entirely new perspective on what it means to be a citizen of the world. Whichever foreign exchange student program you choose, you can be certain that you won't soon forget all that you've learned while studying in a foreign country.

Frequently asked questions

How to become a foreign exchange student?

The easiest way to to become a foreign exchange student is to use an exchange provider. An exchange provider can advise you on picking a destination, duration, and exchange type. Once you’ve booked your exchange, they’ll find you a host family and organize all the logistical details. Using an exchange provider is simple because they provide a full service, from start to finish. We’ve been organizing foreign exchange programs since 1965 and we’ve seen just about everything.

Key considerations for your exchange:

  1. Where to go – Destination impacts language and price, but it determines so much more as well. Pick a destination that’s suitable for your age and the types of activities you want to do.
  2. How long to stay – The most challenging part of an exchange is the beginning. It’s hard to settle in, even more so if it’s your first exchange. You’ll get more out of the experience the longer you stay, so consider duration carefully before making a decision.
  3. What to do – When you’re a long way from friends and family, the days can drag by. Choose an exchange with built-in structure (language classes, a sport, etc.) to keep boredom at bay.

What accommodation options are available while I'm on student exchange?

When you become a foreign exchange student, you have a few options when it comes to accommodation.

Host family: Lots of families are looking to host an exchange student. Feel at home by choosing to stay in our carefully selected EF Homestay, where you can immerse yourself in the culture by living amongst locals in a private home.

Student residence: If you prefer to live amongst your classmates, consider living in a residence during your summer student exchange program. Our residences are comfortable, secure and conveniently located close to the city center.

Campus: Stay on-site, just steps away from your classes. You'll experience a vibrant campus life while living alongside college students from over 100 countries. Enjoy the cafetaria, student lounge, sports facilities and more.

Apartments: Young adults in particular prefer more independence when going on student exchange. For this reason we offer single or double rooms in our selected apartments.

Hotels: Optionally, course participants who want to enjoy comfort, privacy and all-round service on a exchange can also book one of our partner hotels as an accommodation option.

How old do I have to be to go on a student exchange?

The age limit is 14 years for our international boarding schools. We also offer foreign exchange programs for college students and young adults. Exchange students are usually between 16-24 years old.

How much does a foreign exchange program cost?

You can expect to pay about $600 per week for an exchange program. Add to that the cost of your travel, which can be equal to the cost of the exchange itself, your visa expenses (if any), and insurance.

The factors that affect the cost of your student exchange most are:

  • Destination – Long distance travel is more expensive, but some destinations are also pricier than others. Popular destinations like Tokyo and Seoul are usually more expensive than less well-known destinations. Malta is one of the cheapest.
  • Duration – Total cost rises the longer your exchange program lasts, but cost per week drops. Six and nine-month exchanges have a significantly lower cost per week than short-term exchanges.
  • Exchange program type and intensity – Specialized language courses and intensive courses are more expensive than general courses and holiday courses. Exchange programs without courses usually aren’t much cheaper than those with courses because they organize sightseeing and activities, and those also must be paid for.

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