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Learn Japanese in Japan and hear it spoken by natives daily. Our Japanese language schools in Japan give you the chance to feel confident when speaking outside the classroom, as you travel through a variety of vibrant cultural cities. If you study Japanese in Japan you will have plenty of opportunity to practice in between exciting excursions and organized activities.

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Study Japanese in Japan

Japan is a world leader when it comes to technology, and our Japanese language school in Japan certainly lives up to those high standards. Opened in 212, this brand new school has all the modern amenities so you can study in comfort and style. Each day is structured around you learning Japanese in Japan by utilizing courses on cuisine, culture, and tradition. In the afternoon, depending on the program you've chosen, you'll continue your language classes or head out into the city to explore with your classmates and our school staff. So say sayonara to your hometown and konnichiwa to adventure when you decide to study Japanese in Japan.

Japanese Language School in Japan

Learning Japanese in Japan is easy if you enroll in one of our language programs. Studying Japanese in Japan immerses you in the language and the culture, so you'll be able to practice everything you learn in Japanese classes immediately and authentically with native speakers outside of school. Experienced teachers will focus on communication skills so that you feel confident speaking Japanese in everyday situations. You'll then practice using your Japanese by ordering food in a restaurant, asking for directions, or talking to your host family. Learning Japanese in Japan is the best way to accelerate your acquisition of Japanese.

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