Study in Japan with EF and experience the ancient traditions, ultra-modern cities and vibrant culture of Asia’s influential island nation.

Japan is one of the world’s most beautiful countries, boasting endless stretches of sand beaches, a mist-covered interior and iconic mountain peaks. And yet Japan’s most famous attraction remains its people and the unique traditions and culture they’ve created over thousands of years. Study in Japan and you’ll quickly understand that this island nation has its own distinct way of life. Step out of the EF school and into the frenetic bustle of Tokyo before dipping into the tranquility of a local teahouse. Head to the massive Tsukiji Fish Market, where you can pick out fresh seafood for a do-it-yourself sushi lunch.           

Tour Tokyo’s Shinto shrine of Meiji or join locals in the stands at a Yomiuri Giants baseball game. On the weekends, explore the cultural hub of Kyoto, mountain villages of rural Japan or enjoy the view from a natural hot spring at the foot of iconic Mount Fuji.

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