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Gap Year
Gap Year

Gap Year

Graduating from school, taking a vacation semester or taking a break from everyday working life - there are many reasons in favor of a gap year or sabbatical abroad.

The term gap year means "bridge year". It describes the period between two phases of life of young people such as between school and studies, between two courses of study or training and starting a career.

Who is a gap year for?

Actually for everyone! Many students want a break after graduation - you too? Would you like to get to know the world and not throw yourself straight into your studies or your job? Would you like to boost your self-confidence and make new international friends at the same time? Perhaps you are not even sure what is coming up next and would like to have some time to find yourself first? Do you need better language skills for your studies or your job? Then use the time now and do a gap year! We have also reserved a place for you at your dream location!

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