Enroll in EF’s French courses in France and experience the rich culture and diverse landscapes of the world’s most visited country.

All of the romantic notions about France are gloriously true. The iconic Eiffel Tower dominates the Parisian skyline. The beaches of Nice hug a coastline whose waters glitter a shade of azure blue. Neighborhood bakeries fill the morning air with the scent of fresh bread. Couples embrace on the docks of the River Seine. And the French people dress with impeccable style. France fits an extraordinary diversity of landscapes in a rather small package. Yet despite the remarkable French scenery, it’s still the culture that visitors find the most captivating. Sip espresso at a café in the Marais and watch as Parisians stroll by as if they were on a fashion runway. Watch magnificent yachts stream into port from Nice’s elegant boardwalk, the Promenade des Anglais. And, with the help of our French courses in France, discover the satisfaction of ordering a glass of wine in flawless French.

Consider a French course in France at our Paris and Nice language schools.

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