When’s the best time to go to Japan?

The best time to go to Japan is in the spring. Cherry blossom viewing is extremely popular both with Japanese people and with visitors. There are official blossom trackers that give current blossom status across the country and predictions for “sakura” viewing dates region by region. If you can time your visit to see the cherry blossoms, that’s the best time to go to Japan, but even if you miss the blossoms themselves, springtime in Japan generally means good weather and mild temperatures.

The second-best time to go to Japan is in the fall. Many parks have maples and other deciduous trees that burst into gorgeous oranges, yellows, and reds. The fall colors are easier to catch than the cherry blossoms because they last longer. As with the cherry blossoms, there are trackers of fall foliage that can help you plan your trip. Just search on “momiji.”

Starting off your trip to Japan with a Japanese language course is a good way to build a deeper connection to the country. A two-week Japanese course in Tokyo, staying with a host family and sharing their meals, will give you some basic Japanese to use during the rest of your stay. Our Japanese courses start every Monday year round, so regardless of when is the best time to go to Japan for you, there will always be a course that suits your schedule.