When’s the best time to travel in the USA?

The United States is a huge country with lots of different climates, so every season is a good time to go somewhere in America. It’s more useful to consider when’s the best time to go to the part of the USA you’re interested in visiting:

  • New England: The best months are October, May, and June, but any time outside winter will work. Winter is cold and icy, and you can expect flight delays. Summer tends to be warm and crowded, but if it’s the only time you’re free, it’s an acceptable time to visit.
  • California: The weather is good year-round in the southern part of the state (LA, San Diego), but the North has more seasonality and lots of rain, more like the Pacific Northwest (see below). San Francisco is nicest in September, October, and November.
  • Pacific Northwest (Washington State, Oregon & Northern California): The best time to go to the Pacific Northwest is the summer (June to September). The rest of the year is rainy and cold, and although it doesn’t necessarily snow much, the moisture makes enjoying the gorgeous scenery of the region more difficult.
  • South (Louisiana to Virginia): From November to April you can expect pleasant weather, although there are sometimes cold snaps in January and February. It’s best to avoid visiting the South between May and October, when it’s hot and muggy and mosquitoes abound. From August to October, your travel plans can also be disrupted by hurricanes, which bring enormous amounts of rain.
  • Southwest (Texas to Arizona): The Southwest is hot and dry, so it’s better to avoid the summer due to the high temperatures. The rest of the year makes for pleasant visiting. The eastern part of Texas is affected by hurricanes the same as the South (see above). Santa Fe, due to its altitude, has colder temperatures year-round than the rest of the Southwest.
  • Midwest (Ohio to North Dakota): The Midwest has a continental climate with cold winters and hot summers. Spring and fall are the best seasons for a visit.
  • West (Colorado to Idaho): The West is cold in the winter, especially at altitude and near the Canadian border. Unless you’re going for skiing, avoid the winter months. Any time between April and October is pleasant.
  • Alaska: Visit Alaska between June and August. The rest of the year is too cold and dark.
  • Hawaii: You can visit Hawaii at any time of year. It’s a warm and relatively rainy place. Different seasons are better for surfing, whale watching, and hiking, so if you plan to do any of those activities, check the dates.

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