How much does it cost to learn English in the USA?

It’s hard to find a program to learn English in the USA for less than $600 per week if you include the cost of your English courses, accommodation, and meals. Even staying with a friend for free, you’re likely to spend $20 an hour for your English lessons. So if you want to learn English in the USA, budget a minimum of $600 per week plus the cost of your flight. If you can budget $700 a week, you’ll have a wider range of options.

Our English courses in the USA start at $1190 for two weeks with accommodation, meals, and course materials included. Each additional week is about $600. Those prices include 17 hours of English lessons per weekday, or about 3.5 hours a day. If you want to learn English more intensively, it’s slightly more expensive, but on a per-hour basis, it comes out cheaper.

Don’t compare based on sticker price if you want to learn English in the USA and are shopping around for a program. Every program will include different things, making the sticker price meaningless. Some include flights while others don’t. Some don’t include meals. Some have just 12 hours of English classes a week. In order to compare prices on these programs, you have to look closely at what’s included. The simplest calculation you can make is to figure out the hourly cost for just the English lessons. That, at least, gives you somewhere to start.
Once you’ve selected a few promising programs, you should make a complete budget for each. That’s the only way you’ll be able to see how much it will really cost to learn English in the USA on a program by program basis.

Note: Prices accurate as of October, 2019.

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