How much does it cost to study in the USA?

The higher education system in the United States is one of the most expensive in the world. Last year, the average cost to study at a public university in the USA was $24,000 and at a private university, $32,000. The first degree you can earn at an American university (Bachelor’s Degree) takes 4 years, so the average total cost to complete your undergraduate studies in the USA based on last year’s prices would be between $96,000 and $128,000. Community colleges provide a less expensive alternative to the American university system. There are community colleges across the country with tuition fees under $3,000 a year. They offer single continuing education courses as well as two- and four-year degree programs.

If you’re an English learner, you can find intensive English courses in the USA for about $600 a week including accommodation and some meals. With flights and extras, you can study English in the USA for one month on a budget of about $3500.

Note: Prices accurate as of October, 2019.

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