How can I move to the USA?

The simplest way to go live in the USA is as a student. Other types of visa are more difficult to get, and studying in the USA is the best preparation for living and working in the country anyway. There are tons of ways to become a student in America, from university degree programs to community colleges, English courses to vocational training programs.  Over a million international students are currently studying in the USA, not counting those who go for short courses.

A long-term English course is a good choice if you want to live in the USA for up to a year and get to know the culture. A year in the USA will give you valuable English skills as well as providing the structure and support you need when arriving in a new country. These programs include daily English lessons, accommodation, a meal plan, course materials, and activities for much less than the cost of a university program. Whether or not you want to live in the USA long term, a high level of English will help you in your future career.

A university preparation program in the USA is a good option if you want to go on to earn a degree in America. The advantage of university pathway programs is that they generally guarantee entry into a number of partner universities in the USA after completion of the course. As a pathway to living in the USA long-term, a university preparation program is an excellent choice.

One final option, if you don’t have the funds to study in the USA, is to go work in the USA as an au pair. An au pair agency can help you find a family to work for and guide you through the visa application process. Working as an au pair in the USA gives you a good cultural immersion and allows you to earn a bit of money while saving on room and board. Au pairs can live in the USA for a maximum of 2 years with one visa renewal required.

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