How can I study in Canada?

You can study in Canada on a university exchange program, a private exchange program, or by applying directly to a Canadian university. Depending on your individual situation, one of these options may be more appropriate to you than the others.

Exchange programs through your university

Ask your university if they have an exchange program to study in Canada. Your ability to apply for the program, if it exists, will depend on your major and status at your university. Many university-organized exchange programs have limited space and fixed deadlines. If you are accepted to an exchange program to study in Canada via your university, you will usually pay the standard fees of your university to attend. You’ll usually be responsible for your own accommodation and meals, so budget accordingly.

Private exchange programs

Anyone can study in Canada through a private exchange program. The timing and duration are flexible. You can also find vocational programs open to international applicants in Canada. Private study abroad organizers can help you get your visa to study in Canada, the same as a university-sponsored course. These courses are a good option for people who aren’t currently enrolled at university or who are looking for a more flexible study abroad option.

Apply directly to a Canadian university

This option is applicable if you want to earn your entire degree in Canada. Canadian universities are quite accustomed to international applicants and the details for application from abroad are spelled out on their websites. You complete the steps and then wait to hear back. In order to apply to a Canadian university, you’ll need to prove your English ability by taking a standardized test like the TOEFL.

If you’re not accepted to a Canadian university but you’d still like to earn your entire degree in Canada, a university pathway program is a solid option. In 6 or 9 months, the program will prepare you for university and help you apply. Many pathway programs, including our own, guarantee admission to a number of partner universities upon graduation, so you can be 100% certain that you’ll be able to study in Canada.

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