What’s Canada like?

Canada is a safe and diverse country. About 20% of the population was born outside Canada, so you hear lots of languages spoken in the street and see lots of different ethnicities. Foreigners tend to feel comfortable in Canada because of its diversity. Canadians tend to be supportive of immigration and they readily accept people from different backgrounds.

Most of Canada’s cities are near the border with the USA. You’ll find many of the same brands and food products in both countries.  Americans are sometimes fooled into thinking Canada is just like the USA. In reality, the cultures are very different. Canadians on the whole are much less religious than Americans and the politics of the country are more left-leaning.

Canadians tend to enjoy outdoor activities. There are lots of sports leagues for both children and adults. Canada’s favorite sport is hockey. When the weather is good, it is common for people to hike, picnic, ski, and swim.

Cities in Canada have reliable public transportation (buses, metro) and lots of people use it to get to school or work every day. Montreal has a unique network of underground tunnels and malls where people can move around the city in the winter without braving the cold. It’s easy to live in a Canadian city without having a car. People who live in more rural areas usually need to drive.

The cost of living in Canada is high. Apartments are expensive, even when they’re not in very good condition. Foods can also be more expensive than home. For temporary visitors, the price of everyday goods can seem extravagant, but salaries in Canada are also high, and there is good public provision for healthcare and retirement.

Canada’s climate is very different in different regions of the country. Vancouver is mild and rainy. Montreal and Toronto are hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The northern part of the country is cold all year.

The quality of life in Canada is generally high as compared to other countries. Over 500,000 international students are currently studying in Canada and, when surveyed, more than half of them said they intended to apply to stay in Canada after they completed their studies, so life in Canada must be pretty good.

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