What’s my level in English?

The best way to find out your level in English is to take an English test. There are lots of quick, free tests online, but a lot of them aren’t very accurate. We recommend you take the EF SET. It’s a free 50-minute English test that will tell you your level of reading and listening comprehension as accurately as the TOEFL or IELTS. You’ll get a score on the CEFR scale as well as a certificate of your English level.

If you want to know your level of spoken or written English, you’ll need to sign up to take a paid English test. Speaking and writing are called “productive” skills because you’re producing the language. To measure productive skills, a teacher will need to interview you and read a writing sample. Measuring your level in spoken English is more expensive than measuring listening and reading comprehension. Because it’s simple and free, we’d recommend you start by taking the EF SET.

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