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3 reasons to escape winter (and 5 great places to go)

3 reasons to escape winter (and 5 great places to go)

It’s cold, windy and wet outside; black winter coats and stuffy red noses as far as the eye can see. Even though hot chocolate, homemade soup and any kind of comfort food never tastes better, winter can take a lot out of you. Now, imagine the warm sun on your skin and the relaxing sound of the waves in your ear while you’re wiggling your toes in the sand… This is what your winter could be like… just escape!

‘this the season for a change of scenery

If you go on a holiday in the summer, you leave your sunny and warm home to fly to another slightly sunnier and warmer destination. If you decided to go on vacation in winter however, you will arrive at the airport all bundled up and half-frozen to travel to a sunny and warm vacation wonderland. The only umbrellas you will have to deal with will be stuck in a cocktail glass or a pile of sand next to your deck chair. A winter vacation often means a complete change of scenery – perfect to forget all about mittens, scarves and anything fleece.

‘tis the season to soak up the sun

Winter can be a depressing and difficult time. There is neither a lot of daylight nor sunshine, which can affect our mood and ultimately everything we do. Going to a warm and sunny place in winter might just be what the doctor ordered: It can help you to recharge your batteries and give your body a much needed boost of Vitamin D and serotonin. These will benefit your immune system, give you energy and help you stay alert and motivated until it’s officially spring.

‘this the season to score great deals

Why not invest some of that Christmas money in a trip to the beach or convince your loved ones to travel together instead of buying presents that are bound to end up at the bottom of the cupboard? A lot of destinations and airlines offer lower rates during the winter and – depending on the destination – the hotels, beaches and cities are less crowded. Getting a great vacation deal further increases happiness.

Our favorite winter getaways:


Your Miami itinerary? Go to the beach, enjoy 24℃ weather, do some shopping, grab a bite to eat and then dance the night away at a club. Relax. Repeat.


Winter in Hawaii is ideal for a truly unforgettable experience: whale watching. Afterward, you can catch some of the year’s best waves and fully enjoy life in a 27 ℃ warm paradise.


If you want to combine the hustle and bustle of a big city with beach life, and sprinkle it with balmy 27 ℃ weather, Sydney is your winter getaway destination.

Costa Rica

Exploring a paradise of an oasis in 27 ℃ weather is how you rock a vacation. Surfing, hiking, a stunning scenery and impressive beaches – you name it, Costa Rica has it all.


26 ℃, fascinating wildlife, spectacular archaeological sites, mouthwatering food and breathtaking natural beauty – including the world’s second largest barrier reef. That’s Belize for you.

Image by Visit St. Peter / Clearwater, Flickr / Creative Commons

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