Using "Hate", "Like", & "Love" | English Grammar | EF

Using "Hate", "Like", & "Love"

The verbs hate, love, like, & prefer are usually followed by a gerund when the meaning is general, and by the infinitive when they refer to a particular time or situation. You must always use the infinitive with the expressions would love to, would hate to, etc. These verbs can also be followed by a that-clause or by a noun.

  • I hate to tell you, but Uncle Jim is coming this weekend.
  • I hate looking after elderly relatives!
  • I hate mushrooms.
  • I hate that he lied to you.
  • I love dancing.
  • I love to dance at the jazz club.
  • I would love to dance with you.
  • I love ballet.
  • I love that you remembered my birthday!