Meet our families

“It is one of the best gifts you can give your family.” These are the words that our EF Program Leader said that convinced our family to host. Those words are so true! Our family was blessed to host an international for 3 summers in a row and are forever grateful to have an Italian “daughter” and a Spanish “son.” We loved being able to learn about their culture and also being able to see American culture through the eyes of a student seeing it for the first time. What a positive, amazing experience that we recommend to all families!The Rohlfs Family

“The EF program is amazing! Being a first time host family we were a little nervous. Our EF leader, Kelly, put us at ease. There were also so many great activities offered for the students. Our host student immediately became part of our family. She traveled back to see us at Christmas and we went to Italy to spend our summer vacation with her and her mom. We love EF for giving us family in Italy. The picture is of our family with our student, Dany, and her mom at Lake Como, Italy.”The Nubla Family

"My husband and I decided to host a student after my cousin hosted a student from Spain the year before. We fell in love with Monica before we even met her in person from the email exchanges prior to her arriving in the US. My two sons loved having a big sister and me being the only girl in the house, loved having a daughter to get pedicures with and take shopping. We never knew we could get so attached to a girl that we would only spend a month with but we did. It was difficult to say goodbye as she boarded the bus to head to the airport but we are already making plans to visit her in Barcelona in the very near future. Thank you EF for this amazing experience and everlasting relationship!"The Edwins Family

"When we agreed to host an international student for a few weeks, we had no idea we would gain a new family member for life! Our student returned to her country 5 months ago, but you'd never know it because we still talk with her every week! We can't wait to visit our new sister and her mom in Spain one day. We are forever grateful to EF for this amazing opportunity to share San Francisco with our student and learn about her home and culture in return. We had the time of our lives and would do it all again in a heartbeat!"The McHenry Family

We love everything about having an exchange student in our home and as apart of our family for 3 weeks. Capucine was a pleasure to have. We love hearing about her life home in France. My daughter Mia was so excited to have a sudo sister for a few weeks. The kids and I enjoyed taking her to different place like the beach, our sons baseball games, the mall, family and friends BBQs, and so much more. We loved having Capucine and still keep in touch!

Thank you EF for a great program!The Erath Family

My experience as a host mom and host family for the past five years with Education First has been an amazing experience. From the simple things as making an American breakfast with pancake and bacon, to taking them to their first American football game at the stadium, seeing their eyes light up at a new experience makes it all worthwhile. The bond that’s built is a life long love. It is as exciting to learning about their cultures as they learn about ours. Helping the student feel comfortable transitioning into a foreign country as well as adapting to having a second family is key. The most exciting part of the experience is having the student interact in our daily lives and events. You start out as stranger and by the time they leave you’ve become family.The Peterson Family