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Learn Chinese in China

Learn Chinese in China (or Mandarin as it is also called) and immerse yourself in this great country. China is in the middle of a monumental transition. By choosing to study Mandarin in China, you'll be a witness to this exciting time in Chinese history. You'll also come home speaking Chinese more fluently and comfortably

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Study Chinese in China

Where better to study Chinese than in China? If you want to get to the heart of this ancient and dynamic nation, learning Mandarin in China is just the thing. It is a challenging language, but there's no better way to learn Chinese in China than through total immersion in a carefully designed program that includes both classroom time and structured exploration of Chinese culture. We have a huge variety of programs for you to learn Chinese in China, ranging from a few weeks to a full academic year or more. Our small classes and innovative teaching methods mean that you'll be studying Chinese in China from the day you arrive.

Learning Mandarin in China

China is not only one of the world's largest countries, it's an ancient culture in the middle of an almost miraculous transformation. Learning Chinese in China will allow you to witness this time of transition and see what it means for the Chinese people. Studying Mandarin in China using our courses offers you the right combination of instruction and out of class learning to make sure you get a solid understanding of China today, as well as time to see China's major tourist attractions. This knowledge of Chinese culture will serve you well in your future studies of Chinese after you return home. When you study Chinese in China, the whole country is your classroom.

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