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17 inspiring career quotes you need in your life (now)

This week, I attended EF’s Careers Beyond Borders in London, where I heard a lot of passionate professionals, from some of the world’s coolest companies, share their tips and tricks for taking career development, job searches, and networking to the next level. Because it was such an inspiring event, it would be a shame if I didn’t share my favorite pieces of wisdom, and an OMG-Moment, with you. (Motivational cross-stitch pillows, anyone?)

On finding your career

1. “You don’t need a lot of experience and big diplomas to make a difference.” (Joachim Marciano, Account Manager, Facebook)

2. “No short cuts. Think and act differently. Stick to your approach.” (Ross Taverson, Head of Strategy Global Emerging Markets, Jupiter Fund)

3. “Be curious: those who ask a lot of questions are the most successful in their career.” (Laura Edery, Account Manager, LinkedIn)

4. “Step out of your comfort zone. Change your mindset. Take risks. This is how creative and innovative things happen.” (Joachim Marciano, Account Manager, Facebook)

On skills and achievements

5. “People will judge you, so they might as well judge you for something you’re good at.” (Roger Delves, Dean of Ashridge Degree Programs, Hult International Business School)

6. “Here are the three traits of a hustler:
Create value – Don’t wait to be picked, asked, or chosen
Share publicly – Show what you do, don’t just talk about it
Build authentic relationships – Opportunities manifest through helping people.” (Matthew Trinetti, Education Director, Escape the City)

7. “The main skill a lot of new startups look for is the energy and dedication to hustle.” (Nishita Dewan, Community Operations Manager, Uber)

8. “Great leaders are often not great managers. They deal with two different things and have two different skill sets: managers deal with complexity, leaders focus on change. Yet, successful managers often get promoted into leadership positions. If you are a good manager, don’t become a leader. You will suck at it.” (Roger Delves, Dean of Ashridge Degree Programs, Hult International Business School)

On personal branding

9. “What makes you, you? If you don’t have a personal brand, people will stereotype and caricature you. Your key skills will be ignored. You cannot afford to be a caricature created by someone else.” (Roger Delves, Dean of Ashridge Degree Programs, Hult International Business School)

10. “Build your brand. Find your essence and establish your brand with all of your emotional benefits and your rational attributes. Live your brand every day, and then, stretch it credibly. Give yourself room to grow both your brand and your career.” (Roger Delves, Dean of Ashridge Degree Programs, Hult International Business School)

On Languages and International Experience

11. “We all speak English. All of our employees need to be able to express their true identity in English. I strongly encourage you to learn and keep improving your English.” (Joachim Marciano, Account Manager, Facebook)

12. “I always felt that I learned more when I was working abroad.” (Nishita Dewan, Community Operations Manager, Uber)

13. “I encourage people to get international experience. It doesn’t have to be working abroad for years. Even just small projects and conference calls can get you crucial skills for your next job.” (Louise d’Amécourt, European Sales Optimization Manager, Braintree-Paypal)

On Networking

14. “Nurture your network: your network is not only important when you’re looking for a job, but it’s also a great way to find opportunities that can help you progress.” (Laura Edery, Account Manager, LinkedIn)

15. “When you network, it’s through giving that you receive. Maybe not right now, but later down the road.” (Matthew Trinetti, Education Director, Escape the City)

16. “Build an online network of influencers and people you admire. Just follow them on social media and use them as online mentors. It’s such an easy way to learn from the best.” (Narae Kim, Director of Social Media, EF Education First)

And my personal OMG-Moment

17. “If you like 120 things on Facebook, Facebook knows you better than your mom.” (Narae Kim, Director of Social Media, EF Education First)


Image by Flazingo Photos, Flickr / Creative Commons

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