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5 fun ways to start preparing for your summer trip today

5 fun ways to start preparing for your summer trip today

The balmy evenings, faint scent of sun cream and long, sunny days: summer is finally upon us. It certainly feels like we waited long enough for it! With sunshine and new surroundings on the brain, it’s hard not to start envisaging yourself boarding a plane and jetting off on a dream trip.

If you’re already mentally lounging on a beach, sipping an ice-cold beverage, but still have to wait a little while for that summer trip to come around, don’t panic. There are a few things you can start doing today to get you excited and ready for the adventure ahead.

1. Make a packing list

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: packing? Ugh, boring. To that I say: first of all, yes, but also future-you will thank you! If you’ve never showed up on a week-long holiday with 14 pairs of pants but two dodgy tank tops, you’ll know that planning is of the essence. Start putting together the outfits you want to wear ahead of time and think about any extras you need to buy or bring along. It’s all in the details!

2. Put together a summer playlist

Putting together a top tier Spotify playlist for the car/train/plane has got to be one of the most satisfying things ever. You can listen to it on the way (be that car/train/plane) and then have it be the soundtrack to your summer getaway. Getting into a car with an AUX? What better time to bless your pals with your terrific taste in music (whether they necessarily agree with it or not). If you’re stuck for inspiration, check out one of ours here.

Another lovely part of this is that even years later, when you listen to the songs on that playlist, they’ll remind you of that memorable summer vacation.

3. Plan out your photos

If you’re someone with strong Instagram game, it might be worth researching some picturesque locations that would make for good photo ops. Have a quick google to see what other people recommend or just browse through maps and see what tickles your fancy.

More of a fan of candid moments? Why not pick up a few disposable cameras for you and your friends to snap photos with while you’re out and about. You’ll have no idea whether they’re good until you get them developed, but really that’s half the fun.

4. Pick out plans (and backups)

Put together a list of sights you want to see or day trips you think would be fun. Google is once again your friend here or – even better – if you know people who have traveled to the destination you’re headed to, ask for recommendations! You’ll often discover tucked away gems that you wouldn’t necessarily find otherwise.

With a lot of the world still slowly opening up, be prepared to be a bit flexible with plans and make sure you have some backups handy, in case things change last-minute!

5. Read up on restaurants

Along a similar vein, pick out a few restaurants you want to check out ahead of time. Read some reviews or ask around: either way you’re sure to find some delicious options. Of course also make sure to leave some room in your schedule for spontaneous restaurant or bar finds. One of the best parts of a summer holiday is roaming a new town or city, discovering a cute place and hopping right in to try some local delicacies.

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