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5 reasons to explore a new city by bike

5 reasons to explore a new city by bike

Calling all bikers. Calling all people who are tired of walking. Traveling around a new place by bike is one of my favorite things to do when traveling and here is my list why.

1. It’s cheap

Renting a bike is a cost-effective way to get around a city or explore the countryside. Many cities these days have their own biking programs where bikes are available at various points of interest and near public transportation stations. Look for bike stands that you swipe a credit card to rent for the day. This is a great alternative to Lyft and Uber. Not only is it cheaper, but if you are in a city, you are bound to beat the traffic.

2. A bike lets you take in your surroundings for all that they are

Wherever you go, just be. Be there full heartedly in all experiences. With a bike, you have the opportunity to really explore the nooks and crannies of a city. You get to fully feel the surroundings of the countryside. On a bike, life slows down. You appreciate your surroundings for all that they are. You may even get to creep up on unsuspecting wildlife and find yourself in a rare encounter. You feel the sun, you smell the earth, you stop for the street food. Your senses record the environment and you come to get a truer understanding of what being a citizen of this new land is like. What you end up with is a much more realistic impression of the place you are visiting. Ditch the air-conditioned car, and get on a bike to truly experience a new place.

3. It’s easier to get around

Getting to know a new place by foot can be fun but daunting. I have had some very memorable days walking over entire cities, but doing this multiple days in a row will exhaust you quickly. Get a bike, get the lay of the land. In many cities, a car just doesn’t make sense. You can definitely cover more area and see more things on a bike than if you were in a car. A bike you can park just about anywhere. You can stop quickly and then go off to the next site.

4. Biking lets you be adventurous

Not all who wander are lost. My bike gives me the freedom to go wherever I feel like going. Bikes are perfect for those days with no plans. You never know what you will find when you wander around. Some of my favorite travel experiences have been by bike—from finding a rickety old restaurant in the jungle (with some of the best food I’ve had to this day), to exploring markets, to getting chased by dogs, to finding a beautiful lake in the mountains inaccessible by car— the experiences I have had on a bike have convinced me that ditching the car and getting off my feet is the best way to travel.

5. It makes for a perfect date!

Whether a romantic date or just trying to get to know a new friend, exploring a new place by bike is an easy way to get to know someone. You make decisions on where you want to go together, they make stops at what they are interested in, and after all, biking can be just be plain fun!

The bottom line:  Go where your senses take you, not where your GPS takes you

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Photo by Murillo de Paula on Unsplash

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