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EF Stories: Ayano from Japan at EF Boston

Ayano Sakuragi took on the challenge of studying abroad in Boston for three months from while still enrolling in a Japanese high school. She talked about the achievements of her studying abroad experience saying, "I had no answers in Japan to my worries'' and ``I learned a lot more and had more fun than the anxiety I had when abroad!''
EF Stories: Ayano from Japan at EF Boston

I decided to study abroad in Boston after being inspired by a friend.

Last summer, I attended a training camp, and the friends I met there inspired me to study abroad. I decided to go to Boston after consulting with my high school in advance and confirming that although I would be considered absent, I would not have to repeat my study of the grade. I chose Boston because not only is it a big city, but it also has a lot of nature, and I felt like it would be a nice place to live.

The life in Boston

Transportation in Boston is convenient, and although it may not arrive at the scheduled time, it is frequent and cheap. The Boston locals were also very kind and everyone I asked for directions gave me help with a smile. Also, the buildings in Boston are truly beautiful and you can feel like you are the main character in a movie, and there are many museums and universities that are very interesting, so I highly recommend Boston as a study abroad destination.

My thoughts about studying in Boston

I feel it was important is to be proactive when studying in Boston. Honestly, you can spend your time without doing anything, but it's no difference than being in Japan. In my case, I tried to talk to people as much as possible, and thanks to that, I gained a lot of friends and acquaintances.

I don't know if I've improved in terms of my English skills, but I feel like I've gotten used to talking to friends in English, so I think this is a great way to improve your English speaking skills.

The regrets of not doing it will stay with you forever. It's important whether you want to go or not.

If I didn't go, I will regret it for the rest of my life.

Of course I'm worried, but even if I worry about it in Japan, I won't get any answers. Once I go, I just had to figure it out. There were many people overseas who supported me, and I had much more to learn and to have fun than the anxiety I had.

It didn't matter whether I can speak English or not. I thought it was more important whether I wanted to go or not. Actually, I went there even though I couldn't speak much English, but I had a great time. If you have even the slightest desire to go, all you have to do is do it!

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