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EF Stories: Pomm from the Netherlands at EF Honolulu

Pomm studied English in Hawaii for 5 months.
EF Stories: Pomm from the Netherlands at EF Honolulu

A dream come true

It was a dream come true, after graduation I would start my own adventure far away from home. That I wanted to get away and work on my English was a fact, but where? Warm weather in winter, being able to go to the beach after school and learn to surf in the best place in the world, it sounded too good to be true. My choice was made. With the help of EF and my parents, I was able to make this dream come true.


In September, the time had come. After a long flight I arrived at a place where it was warm, having left the cold Netherlands. I was welcomed on arrival with an 'ALOHA'.

Different nationalities

From the very first week I noticed that I had already learned more than in 5 years in high school. I learned an enormous amount in the classes and you develop your knowledge even more outside of school. There is no way around it, throughout the day you are surrounded by different nationalities. I learned a lot about myself and others. For example, that it is normal for me to have breakfast with a peanut butter sandwich, but for others it might be strange; they prefer to eat a tortilla with beans, cheese, tomatoes and bacon in the morning.

New friends

At school, you make new friends quickly. Honolulu is a small EF school so contact with the EF staff is easy and close. It is nice to be in a place with peers who have the same ambitions as yourself. You are in a new place with new people around you. You share this feeling with everyone at school and that brings you close together. This is how I met the most amazing friends.

On an adventure together

My friends made my trip even better than I ever dreamed. Friends all over the world; Mexico, Chile, Morocco, Japan and Canada. You name it. Going on adventures together, from walking 3992 stairs on the 'Stairway to Heaven' or hiking volcanoes and craters, to lying on the beach for hours and eating Açai bowls after surfing. It is special to share these moments together. Friends soon start to feel like family.

Saying goodbye to a new home

After almost half a year, I had to say goodbye to a place that has come to feel like my home, a home full of adventures, experiences and friendships for life. Saying goodbye to my friends there was very difficult. After all, the question is when you will see them again and if you will ever see them again at all. That I will see my friends again is certain! I learned a lot and had a great time.

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