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EF Stories: Seiya from Japan at EF Seattle

Feeling frustrated during the pandemic time in Japan, Seiya Ono decided to join a long-term study abroad program with EF in Seattle.
EF Stories: Seiya from Japan at EF Seattle

Seiya studied abroad in the United States for 11 months. Although he has traveled abroad before, this was his first time studying abroad.

1.1. What led you to study abroad?

The main reason for studying abroad was the restrictions on going out due to the pandemic. For a year, I felt like I couldn't do anything due to the coronavirus.

While the situation continues with no end in hope, I decided to study abroad because I saw this as an opportunity to learn something new.

2.What was the most difficult part of studying abroad?

The most difficult thing about studying abroad was my language skills . Before leaving, I thought that English skills are something that can be acquired naturally. However, when I actually went overseas, I was in a reality that was not so easy. I now realized that it is not only important to study at school, but also to prepare and review.

3.How was Seattle like?

During the winter in Washington state, it rained almost every day. There's no need to worry too much as it's mostly light rain, but if you're considering studying abroad, it might be a good idea to prepare a folding umbrella .

Images from Seiya for his happy moment with friends in EF Seattle.

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