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EF Stories: Tania from Italy at EF Nice

We asked our students to share their experiences: what did they love most about their stay abroad? What activities did they participate in? What would they say to someone who is about to leave? Here's what they tell us!
EF Stories: Tania from Italy at EF Nice

Hello, I'm Tania, and in July 2022, for the first time, I went to Nice for 3 weeks. It was a unique experience. I met people from all over the world, I deepened my linguistic and cultural knowledge, as you also have the advantage of choosing your own lessons. I learned what it means to be 'responsible' at 17, and moreover, this trip allowed me to rediscover a completely different part of myself.

I loved many things about Nice, but if I had to choose just three, I would say: the people, the sea, and Place Masséna. By 'people', I don't mean just the French but also the group of friends that formed. The sea, because from day one, it was the meeting place for us EF students. A place where we confided our secrets to each other, where we came to rest after a long day, or just to be together and relax. Lastly, as strange as it might seem, Place Masséna has my heart. It's the city center with shops, cafes, bars, and much more.

With the activities proposed by EF, I went parachuting, a unique experience of its kind, where you can see all of Nice from above and feel like you own the city. Then, thanks to EF's secret beach, a group of friends formed with whom I still keep in touch. To finish off my trip, I chose to participate in the sushi evening. Later, with my friends, we visited Nice and other cities, as the train station was very close. Between Êze, Menton, Monte Carlo, and Cannes, I don't know which one I liked the most. And then the museums are amazing, each better than the last.

There isn't just one intense moment that I've experienced; there are many that reached incredible heights. Like taking a night swim, or establishing a connection with someone where just a look is enough to understand each other.

The moment I realized how this experience changed me might have been when I figured out what I want in life, where and how. My friends also helped me face some challenges; I learned to be responsible, not just with money but as a person.

I'm sure this experience will benefit me in the future, but even now I can see a clear difference between how I was before and how I am now. A new world has opened up to me. I know my limits and what I need to do.

I would leave again right now, but I couldn't choose a specific destination... I'd spin the globe and see where it stops.

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