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An Oasis of cool: Manchester Infographic
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In school, we learned that Manchester was the world’s first industrialized city because of a textile...

Europe’s capital of cool: Berlin infographic
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Berlin is the third most popular city to visit in all of Europe and it’s not hard to see why; the ci...

A gem of a city: San Francisco infographic
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San Francisco may not be a hidden gem anymore, but it’s a gem of a city nonetheless. America’s capit...

Beauty and the Beach: Barcelona Infographic
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Boasting a mix of Spanish, Catalan and international culture, combined with stunning architecture, s...

Spain’s sunny center: Madrid infographic
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From fabulous food to great football and gorgeous monuments soaked in year-round sunshine, Madrid is...

37 million and counting: Tokyo infographic
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With 37 million inhabitants and 2,5 million people commuting into the city every day, Tokyo’s size i...

In love with the City of Love: Paris infographic
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There’s something about Paris that makes people fall in love; a certain ‘je ne sais quoi‘, if you wi...