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So many people dream of learning French. Our French programs are varied, from a month in Paris learning the basics of French to a year in Nice getting ready to enter a French-speaking university. Regardless of which French program you choose, you will be able to see the local sights and experience French culture.

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French Abroad Programs

There are a wide variety of French programs in France available to meet your skill-level, goals, and schedule. You can choose from different course intensities and start dates throughout the year help you build the perfect experience. French programs in both Paris and the south of France include activities and free time for learning about the local culture and meeting people to speak French with outside the classroom. Whether you spend two weeks in the country or nine months, you'll improve your French and have a great time. See which French programs are available and find the right one for you!

French Programs

French programs are designed to help you learn the language, but they're also a great chance to experience French life. Program managers organize activities such as cooking classes, wine tastings, and excursions to historic towns and beautiful nature spots throughout the country. There are also French programs including unpaid internships with local businesses or volunteering with local organizations. These are great opportunities to learn how to use French professionally. And of course you'll still have time to spare for meals in cafes and bistros. Choose one of many available French programs to experience authentic French life.

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