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German Immersion Programs

A German immersion program is a great way to hone your skills in this ancient language. Meet Germans on their own soil and get a taste for local life as your skills improve. Our German immersion programs are fully customizable to your schedule and skill level.

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German Immersion School

Signing up for a German immersion program is truly the fastest and most efficient way to get to grips with speaking German, not to mention the most fun! A German immersion course is completely different to taking a course in your home country: Throughout your German immersion program you will literally be surrounding yourself in all-things-German for an entire course. You'll learn to speak German in everyday situations, and get plenty of conversation practice amongst your fellow students. German immersion programs are available for a variety of durations and are suitable for all students, whatever your current language ability.

Design Your Own German Immersion Program!

All our German immersion schools offer a totally customizable experience, so whether you choose to come for a two week language camp, a semester exchange, or a year-long program with a work placement, there are lots of aspects you can design yourself. Choose whether you stay with a German family in their home, or if you'd prefer to live in student accommodation. Pick special interest modules to combine with your language studies if you like, and choose how you spend your free time. At our German immersion school, the learning continues outside the classroom through a range of activities and excursions to help you make the most of your time abroad.

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