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EF Stories: Louna from France at EF New York

EF Stories: Louna from France at EF New York

1. Why go abroad for a year after high school?

I decided to spend a year abroad in New York after my high school graduation first and foremost to learn English and to take a break between high school and higher education! Of course, it's also to have the opportunity to travel.

2. Why English?

I chose English because it is, for me, the most important language today, and I need it for my studies and later for my job.

3. What do you think about New York?

It's incredible! It's huge, just like in the movies. The people are very welcoming, and you feel safe everywhere.

4. What is your best memory so far during your stay?

Well... It's hard to choose because there are so many. The first time I went to Times Square, the evenings with friends, the Rockefeller ice rink... It's incredible, just like in Christmas movies!

5. Do you have a daily routine at school or in the city?

Not necessarily at school; it's really different every day. But as soon as we step out into Manhattan, we start our day with a little trip to Starbucks.

6. What was the process on Parcoursup before leaving?

On Parcoursup, I applied for an international business BTS (Advanced Technician's Certificate) with an apprenticeship, and I had to check a box to request a gap year. This enabled me to get a place in my chosen school, but for the year after my year in the United States.

7. What are your plans after EF? Will you go through Parcoursup again?

After EF, I plan to pursue an international business BTS. No, I won't go through Parcoursup again because now there is an option to request a gap year to ensure that the school of our choice reserves a spot for us in the following year.

8. What would you say to high school seniors who are hesitant about going abroad after graduation?

It's the best year to go directly after high school because it doesn't create a gap in your higher education but gives you a small break between the two. For those who don't know what to do after high school, it gives you a year to think it over!

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