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EF Stories: Melissa from Germany in EF San Diego

Melissa is fulfilling her long-awaited dream with a ten-week language trip to EF San Diego.
EF Stories: Melissa from Germany in EF San Diego

I went on a 10-week language study trip with EF to the beautiful and diverse city of San Diego in May this year. I had an incredibly wonderful time and made many international friends with whom I am still in regular contact!

Where did you live in San Diego?

I lived in a triple room on the EF campus in San Diego. This made it really super easy to meet new people. Especially the lounges, which are located on each floor, were great for socializing with other students. We often ate together, played games and planned cool weekend trips. An advantage for all late risers: It was only a 5 minute walk to the school. Just take the elevator to the first or second floor and I was standing in front of the classrooms.

How were the classes in San Diego?

In the classes we were mostly about 15 students, which I found to be a good group size. With Dylan, Alex and Shannon I was lucky to have three really nice and humorous teachers. You could tell that they enjoy their job. I also liked the lessons themselves because there was always a very relaxed learning atmosphere and there was often partner or group work.

When the weather was good, we often moved part of the class outside to the soccer field. Once a week we had a test on what we had learned in the previous week. If you paid attention in class, these were definitely manageable. There was very little (if any) homework, so there was definitely always enough time for free time activities!

How did you spend your free time?

The campus itself already offers many recreational opportunities with the outdoor pool, the soccer field, the volleyball court, the gym, the pool table and table tennis tables. The corresponding equipment can be borrowed easily and free of charge at the reception.

In addition, EF offered various programs every month, some of which were free and some of which required payment. These include, for example, the sale of tickets to Padres baseball games (San Diego's baseball team), the unique Sunset Cruise tour or surfing lessons.

You can see when which activities are offered both in the app and in the Activity Calendar, which is on display at the front desk. When Corona allowed it again, joint day or weekend trips were also offered, such as a trip to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco or Six Flags. Of course, as we liked to do, you can also rent a car with a few friends and plan trips on your own. Especially the numerous national parks that California has to offer are definitely worth a visit!

My conclusion: I can wholeheartedly recommend EF San Diego to anyone who is still undecided about their travel destination!

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