Learn French in France

Learn French in France
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Learn French in France where the living is good. Be it the beautiful landscapes or the even more beautiful French language, studying French in France is an amazing cultural experience. Whether you decide to go to the Mediterranean, or visit The City of Light, you'll realize that there is more to learning French in France than courses and textbooks. Get in touch so we can discuss your options.

EF Languages Abroad

10 - 14 years
2-24 weeks
Learn a language abroad in an all-inclusive group led by an EF Leader or on an individual, flexible-length course.
Destination: France
City: ParisNice

EF Languages Abroad

14 - 25 years
2-24 weeks
Learn a language faster at an accredited EF school. Choose from 10 languages in 50 destinations. Start your course any Monday.
Destination: France
City: ParisNice

EF Languages Abroad

25 + years
1-24 weeks
Boost your global career with personalised language courses in one of the world´s greatest cities. Designed for Adults and Professionals.
Destination: France
City: ParisNice

EF Language Year Abroad

16 + years
6, 9 or 11 months
Combine language and academic studies abroad at an accredited EF school to prepare for an international career or degree.
Destination: France
City: ParisNice

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Why learn French in France?

When you study French in France you can tailor your trip to your specific needs. Do you yearn to live a sophisticated cosmopolitan lifestyle, sipping espresso while reading Le Monde? Now you can!

Would you rather top up your tan on the beach and practice your French language skills with friendly locals? It’s all possible when you come to learn French in France. Whether your end goal is to attend one of our French language schools in France, find a job in France, or use French for your travel plans, you can tailor a study plan to your objectives and schedule.

French courses in France for adults, students and teenagers

Thanks to our innovative and personalized learning method that blends classroom lessons, interactive tools and cultural immersion, you’ll advance one level every six weeks. Our innovative Efekta™ Learning System combines quality instruction with advanced technology and cultural immersion for maximum results.

At EF, we know the difference a great French teacher makes in language learning. All EF teachers hold teaching qualifications and have an average of seven years of teaching experience. But what makes EF teachers truly exceptional is that they are selected for their enthusiasm, creativity and dedication to students’ success. All EF teachers are committed to continued professional development. Here's a quick overview of our French courses in France:

French course type Lessons/week What will I learn?
EF Intensive French courses in France 32 lessons of 40 mins Learn all aspects of the French language as quickly as possible for academic or professional reasons
EF General French courses in France 26 lessons of 40 mins Gain sound understanding of the French language through a well-rounded course
EF Basic French courses in France 20 lessons of 40 mins Focus on how to communicate in French and enjoy lots of activities and free time

Special interest lessons: from phonetics to French through theater

In addition, you have the opportunity to customize your French language course with the so-called SPINs (Special Interest Lessons) to suit your interests. These include French through theater, literature, journalism, cooking class, grammar, conversation, phonetics and business French.

Why EF has the best French language schools in France

  • Large international schools in Paris and Nice offering a wide range of recognized exams
  • Warm and friendly welcome from a team of professional staff, dedicated to providing excellent service and support
  • Excellent nationality mix year round
  • Choice of host family or residential accommodation year round
  • And last but not least, qualified and experienced teachers

Frequently asked questions

What are my accommodation options while I’m studying French in France?

Studying French in France gives you many customizable options, including where you’ll live for the duration of your course. You can opt to live with other students in a student residence, or choose a homestay instead.

With homestay, you’ll join your host family for breakfast and dinner, and then during the day you’ll be in classes at our French language school or out and about exploring. This is a great way to experience the French way of life and reinforce your new skills.

If you’d prefer a bit more independence as you learn French in France, you can stay in a student residence with fellow classmates from around the world.

How much does a French course in France cost?

You can expect to pay about 700-800 euros a week for all-inclusive French courses in Paris or Nice with tuition fees, accommodation, and meals. You can add another 100 euros a week to your budget for transportation, museums, souvenirs, shopping, activities with friends, etc.

You must also count the price of your flights to and from either Paris or Nice, and add any trips that you’d like to make around France or elsewhere in Europe. For conversion to dollars, please check the current exchange rate. Our school doesn’t offer financial aid, but there are special offers and promotions on the website regularly (and free flights is one of them). You can follow EF on social media to be alerted to the opportunities.

What types of lessons are included in my French course in France?

Learning French in France is a complex undertaking. You must master the vocabulary and grammar of the language, learn pronunciation, and also pick up on usage and idioms, all of this while trying to speak quickly and with enough accuracy to be understood.

Your French tutor will work on all the skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) and lots of different aspects of the language, as appropriate for you and your classmates. The lessons are mixed every day so you won’t spend hours focusing on grammar one day and hours working on vocabulary another. Instead on a single day, you’ll have one lesson teaching subjunctive forms of verbs and another working on everyday phrases and expressions.

Who will I be studying French in France with?

The students who come to study French in France are from all parts of the world. About half come from Europe because it’s close, and the other half are from Africa, Asia, the US, and Canada. This nationality mix is one of the best things about learning French. In France, you won’t be surrounded by other English speakers. The majority of French language learners in France are between age 16 and 25. If you’re an older student, you may prefer to look specifically for a French course targeted to professionals.

What’s the best city to learn French in France?

We have French language schools in two different cities: Paris and Nice. Each has its own flavor and culture that makes it completely unique. Paris is a big, multicultural city with tens of thousands of students studying in Paris’ hundreds of universities, high schools, and language schools. Nice is smaller, has a laidback atmosphere. Besides it's breathtaking beaches, Nice is also home to a world-class opera and a number of squares with majestic Italian-inspired architecture.