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Learn Japanese in Japan

Study Japanese in Japan and hear it spoken by natives daily. Our language school in Japan gives you the chance to feel confident when speaking outside the classroom, as you travel through a variety of vibrant cultural cities. If you learn Japanese in Japan you'll have plenty of opportunities to practice in between exciting excursions and activities. Take a look at our courses.

Learn Japanese in Japan

EF Language Year Abroad

16 + years
6, 9 or 11 months
Combine language and academic studies abroad at an accredited EF school to prepare for an international career or degree.
Destination: Japan
City: Tokyo

EF Languages Abroad

14 - 25 years
2-24 weeks
Learn a language faster at an accredited EF school. Choose from 10 languages in 50 destinations. Start your course any Monday.
Destination: Japan
City: Tokyo

EF Languages Abroad

25 + years
1-24 weeks
Boost your global career with personalised language courses in one of the world´s greatest cities. Designed for Adults and Professionals.
Destination: Japan
City: Tokyo

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Accelerate your Japanese language skills

Are you interested in the Japanese language and culture? Why not take it one step further and study Japanese in Japan? Japanese love Americans and a language course in Japan allows you to experience the culture while improving your language skills at the same time. Capital Tokyo is a unique combination of ancient temples and state-of-the-art technology, making the city the epicenter of the country.

Experienced teachers will focus on communication skills so that you feel confident speaking Japanese in everyday situations. You'll then practice using your Japanese by ordering food in a restaurant, asking for directions, singing along at the karaoke bar, mastering the intricacies of flower arranging, or talking to your host family. Learning Japanese in Japan is the best way to accelerate your Japanese language skills.

Japanese language course in Japan for all ages, levels, and interests

Thanks to our innovative and personalized learning method that blends classroom lessons, interactive tools, and cultural immersion, you’ll advance one level every six weeks. Our innovative Efekta™ Learning System combines quality instruction with advanced technology and cultural immersion for maximum results.

At EF, we know the difference a great teacher makes in language learning. All EF teachers hold teaching qualifications and have an average of seven years of teaching experience. But what makes EF teachers truly exceptional is that they are selected for their enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication to students’ success. All EF teachers are committed to continue professional development. An overview of our Japanese language courses in Japan:

Japanese course typeIntensityWhat will I learn?
EF Intensive language courses in Japan32 lessons per weekLearn all aspects of the Japanese language as quickly as possible for academic or professional reasons
EF General language courses in Japan26 lessons per weekGain sound understanding of the Japanese language through a well-rounded course
EF Basic language courses in Japan20 lessons per weekFocus on how to communicate in Japanese and enjoy lots of free time

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of learning Japanese in Japan?

Although Tokyo may seem overwhelming at first hand, you'll find your way around the city very easily and it will only get better as soon as your language skills increase. This city and country offer something for everyone: nature lovers will find it a challenge to climb Mount Fuji, while fashionistas can stroll through the shopping area of Ginza.

Learning Japanese is easy if you enroll in one of our language programs in Japan. Studying Japanese in Japan immerses you in the language and the culture, so you'll be able to practice everything you learn in Japanese classes immediately and authentically with native speakers outside of school.

How does a Japanese language school in Japan look like?

EF Japanese language school in Japan is a modern campus located in the heart of Tokyo. It has bright classrooms where you will attend classes and student lounges where to relax and chat with other students while admiring the skyline of the city. The EF Japanese school also provides students with comfortable spaces for their free time and a kitchen where they can get snacks, drinks, and meals throughout the day.

Furthermore, at our Japanese schools in Japan, you will meet students from all over the world and find a dynamic and passionate staff. In addition to organized classes throughout the day, you can participate in a variety of activities that will help you discover the city and have a fun-filled day. 

Why choose our Japanese language school in Japan?

Japan is a world leader when it comes to technology, and our Japanese language school in Japan certainly lives up to those high standards. Opened in 2012, this brand new school has all the modern amenities so you can study in comfort and style. Each day is structured around you learning Japanese in Japan by utilizing courses on cuisine, culture, and tradition. What are the highlights of our Japanese language school in Japan?

  • Warm, friendly, and experienced staff and dedicated teachers
  • Choice of the host family or residential accommodation year-round
  • Bright and airy classrooms with a magnificent view of all of Tokyo
  • Shared lounge with the Tokyo sales office which allows extensive interaction with Japanese students
  • Modern amenities and located in the famous Shibuya Cross Tower Building

In the afternoon, depending on the program you've chosen, you'll continue your Japanese classes in Japan or head out into the city to explore with your classmates and our school staff. So say sayonara to your hometown and konnichiwa to adventure when you decide to study Japanese in Japan.

Why studying Japanese in Japan is more than just learning a language?

Tokyo is a city that is on many travelers' bucket lists. During one of our Japanese language programs in Tokyo, you could call this fascinating metropolis your home for a while. Whether you come to study intensively for just a week or two, or stay much longer, you'll go far beyond what a tourist sees of the city and learn to understand the culture through your Japanese language program.

Practice your Japanese as you explore the city and apply your language skills with increasing confidence. From strolling around the city and shopping malls to cruising on the river or even hiking on Mount Fuji, a language course in Tokyo will give you a language and cultural experience you'll never forget.

Can I prepare for the JLPT language exam while studying Japanese in Japan?

Yes, with EF you can enroll in an Exam Preparation course that will enable you to learn Japanese with the specific goal of passing the JLPT exam (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). You will learn the methods, techniques, and vocabulary necessary to succeed in your test.

How can I have a personalized learning experience?

With all EF courses, you can customize your Japanese language course with the so-called SPINs (Special Interest Lessons) to suit your interests. These include creative writing, calligraphy, exam preparation, art and culture, career development, and sector and industry-oriented courses. This way, you will be able to gain additional knowledge of the Japanese language in the areas of your interest – either for your personal goals or your work trajectory.

How much does it cost to learn a Japanese in Japan?

The cost to study Japanese in Japan depends on different elements. Prices for the courses vary depending on a number of factors such as:

  • Course duration
  • Type of Japanese course
  • Type of accommodation chosen
  • Period of the year during which you will be attending our Japanese language school in Japan
  • Additional activities for your spare time

Generally, the costs range from a minimum of 1500$ for 2 weeks to several thousand dollars for full-year tuition.