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Study Abroad in Japan

Study abroad in Japan where cultural tradition meets modern design. As a stunning world-class city, Tokyo would impress almost any student that is considering a study abroad destination. When you study in Japan, you will combine formal Japanese courses with various activities, tourism, and plenty of free time.

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Activities While Studying Abroad

Tokyo is an enormous city consisting of many unique neighborhoods, which will begin to feel like home over time. Visit the Imperial Palace in Hibiya, or browse high-end designer stores in Ginza. Are you studying abroad in Japan to gain an understanding of business? Then head to Nihombashi and visit the Tokyo Stock Exchange. You'll be able to find just about any electronic gadget imaginable in Akihabara, or experience the city's nightlife in Shinjuku. Each part of Tokyo is vibrant in its own way, making it easy to find local haunts that suit your tastes when you study in Japan.

EF Homestay vs Residence

When you study abroad in Japan, you'll be able to choose between living with a local host family or staying in a student residence. You'll enjoy authentic, home-cooked meals during a homestay, with the added bonus of having the opportunity to practice the language skills you've learned during your stay. Your host family can give you tips on the neighborhood and activities, giving you an insider's view of Japan. A student residence is also a good choice, as you'll have a bit more independence and live with other students from around the world. Either way, you'll be sure to live in an stimulating environment as you study abroad in Japan and begin to make it home.

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