General English courses

Our English classes are a full-time, structured program for people who want to make real progress in speaking English. We use the same blended instructional methods in all our English classes, leveraging technology to customize instruction and giving students individual practice on areas of difficulty. These methods are particularly effective because they provide each learner a framework within which to review and build upon his own skill base.

This carefully composed course of 26 weekly lessons (total tuition time of 17 hours and 20 minutes), held in the morning and afternoon, is designed to help you move up one course level every six weeks. Our general language lessons build your grammar and vocabulary through a combination of digital learning and classroom-based lessons.

Your General English course includes

  • 16 weekly English classes at your level to build grammar, vocabulary, written and spoken communication skills. Lessons include group discussions, conversational role plays, tasked-based assignments, written exercises, & vocabulary review. You will also have teacher-led lessopns in the computer labs.
  • 4 weekly special interest lessons of your choice focusing on subjects that you wish to explore further. These vary by school but examples include: business English, English in music, expanding your vocabulary, language & film, pronunciation workshop, or American History
  • 4 Project Sessions to accelerate your language development using interactive videos, and practical work to boost fluency
  • 2 weekly lectures (double lesson) either by a teacher or guest speaker for listening comprehension practice and cultural development
  • On and offline course materials
  • Placement tests, graduation tests, and course completion certificate
  • Accommodation in a twin room with a local host family
  • Morning and evening meals with your host family, and all meals on weekends
  • Evening and weekend activities organized by your school
  • See individual school pages for prices