Intensive English courses

Make a concrete investment in your future by taking an intensive English course in one of our schools in the USA. This is our most popular course because it offers the highest return on your investment in terms of both time and money. Our intensive English courses are some of the most flexible courses we offer. They are available in every school in the USA starting on any Monday throughout the year. You can start from a true beginner level, or any other level up to advanced, and study for any duration.

These intensive English courses are also highly customizable because 10 of your weekly English lessons will be workshops on subjects of your own choosing. You can select these sessions from the workshop calendar specific to your school. Total instruction time on the intensive English course is 21 hours and 20 minutes per week scheduled on weekday mornings and afternoons.

If you are already studying in the USA and would be interested in transferring from your current program to an intensive English course in one of our schools, get in touch. Extending or transferring your I-20 visa is easier than you think!

Your intensive English course includes

  • 14 weekly English classes at your level to build grammar, vocabulary, written and spoken communication skills. Lessons include group discussions, conversational role plays, tasked-based assignments, written exercises, & vocabulary review
  • 6 weekly teacher-guided lessons in the computer lab (some on the tablet), to work on areas you struggle with
  • 10 weekly special interest lessons of your choice focusing on subjects that you wish to explore further. These vary by school but examples include: business English, English in music, expanding your vocabulary, language & film, pronunciation workshop, or American History
  • 1 weekly lecture (double lesson) either by a teacher or guest speaker for listening comprehension practice and cultural development
  • On and offline course materials
  • Placement tests, graduation tests, and course completion certificate
  • Accommodation in a twin room with a local host family
  • Morning and evening meals with your host family, and all meals on weekends
  • Evening and weekend activities organized by your school
  • See individual school pages for prices