Summer English courses

Take time next summer to improve your English in the USA. Our summer English courses are designed for people who want to get better at speaking English during their vacations without too many constraints. The focus in these summer courses is on practical English speaking skills and having fun.

These short English courses have a similar structure to our longer courses and use the same blended instructional technology to ensure maximum progress, even if you only have 2 weeks for your studies. Although these summer English courses are short-term, they are still all-inclusive, full-time programs, with 13 hours and 20 minutes of instruction each week scheduled in the morning or afternoon from Monday to Friday. Host family accommodation, meals and activities are included in the price.

Your summer English course includes

  • 14 weekly English classes to practice speaking English and build your confidence using English as a communication tool
  • 4 weekly teacher-guided English lessons in the computer lab or on tablets to review tricky points
  • 1 weekly lecture (double lesson) for listening practice
  • Accommodation in a local host family
  • Breakfast and dinner with your host family on weekdays and all weekend meals
  • A range of activities and excursions with classmates
  • All class materials, both on and offline
  • Placement testing, end-of-course testing, and a graduation certificate
  • See individual school pages for price details