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5 travel tips from 5 global nomads

5 travel tips from 5 global nomads

EF is full of people from around the globe, people that have lived around the globe and people that travel around the globe. Hong Kong, Auckland, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Paris, Nairobi, Istanbul, Boston – you get the point. After all those hours at the airport, trips across oceans and questionable plane food, we’ve picked up a few tips for seeing the world in true globetrotting style…

1. Bring a large scarf made of breathable material. It’s perfect for getting cozy on the plane or surviving sandstorms in Argentina. – Johanna from Sweden, 25 countries and counting.

2. Stick your plastic bag of carry-on liquids into your backpack. You’ll save the time and embarrassment of rummaging through your suitcase at security. – Tom from England, 17 countries and counting**.**

3. Keep a copy of your ID and credit cards in your suitcase. And a plastic bag for keeping dirty clothes separated from the clean ones. – Sofia from Mexico, 40 countries and counting**.**

4. Ask your friends for the cool hangouts in each city. People want to share their travel experience – and it saves you the trouble of sorting through the Internet. – Catja from Switzerland, 15 countries and counting**.**

5. Pack a change of clothes, a toothbrush and a phone charger into your carry-on. Also, keep it light and on wheels. Your shoulders will thank you. – Katya from Ukraine, 30 countries and counting.

Happy travels, dear readers!

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