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EF Stories: Annalisa from Germany in EF Costa Rica

La Pura Vida in Costa Rica: Annalisa starts her EF adventure and falls in love with the small town of Tamarindo!
EF Stories: Annalisa from Germany in EF Costa Rica

Why did you decide to go on a language study trip?

I knew for a very long time that I really wanted to see the world after I graduated from high school. My desire was to travel to a country I had never been to before. I wanted to get to know a whole new environment and face challenges. I also always wanted to learn Spanish and traveling with EF was the perfect way to do that!

I had already heard from many people how great Costa Rica was, so I decided to go to Central America and booked the trip with the great support of the EF team. So I was able to look forward to the language trip right after my final exams.

Of course, a well thought-out packing list and booking the right flight were very important for the preparation, but apart from that, nothing else stood in the way of my trip. And there I was, sitting on the plane over the vast ocean, looking forward to the next 2 months with uncertainty.

Can you describe your course location in Costa Rica in more detail?

The EF school in Costa Rica is located in the pretty village of Tamarindo, which is on a beautiful beach. I lived in an apartment on campus the entire time. The short distances to the village and the school were very convenient. In addition, you were always in the middle of the action on campus.

I had wonderful roommates who eventually became friends. The teachers on campus were also very open-minded and helpful. Since I started from scratch in terms of my Spanish level, I was able to make progress very quickly. The classes were characterized by a relaxed and fun learning atmosphere, so I always enjoyed attending my intensive course.

I quickly made friends with the other participants, from the welcome drinks on the beach to chilling by the pool. I especially appreciated that I was able to meet so many fascinating people from all over the world.

What did you do in your free time?

In our free time we often went surfing at the beach or visited other beaches in the area. I could even go shopping or participate in sports activities: Water polo in the pool, volleyball on the beach, soccer or an hour of yoga organized by EF. My highlight was the weekend trip to Monteverde. There, the program included action as well as fascinating nature and waterfalls.

At first I was worried that 2 months might be too long a period. But I can promise everyone that when it was time to go, I would have loved to extend for another month. The friends I made during this time are now an important part of my life. I would not want to miss a single one of them. With a heavy heart I went back to cold Germany in September and had to leave the paradise of Costa Rica behind. But I already know that I will be back soon!

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