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EF Stories: Manuela from Switzerland in EF Honolulu

Manuela explored Hawaii for 3 months, perfected her English skills and experienced unforgettable moments in EF Honolulu.
EF Stories: Manuela from Switzerland in EF Honolulu

I spent three months in Hawaii with EF and had one of the best times of my life so far. I would be lying if I said that the experience didn't change me - in a positive way, of course. I grew, became much more self-reliant and independent, and was able to make great memories that I will never forget.

Where did you live during your stay and how did you experience it?

I lived in the residence, which was in a high-rise building with many apartments, all of which were occupied by students. I deliberately chose to live in a room with 4 beds, because I could get to know so many different people and their ways of living.

During my time, I lived on the 19th floor with three other students from Poland, Germany, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands. You definitely have to be very open-minded and willing to compromise. You share the bedroom and bathroom with three other people, which can sometimes get a little crowded. Still, it was worth the experience. The school was a 10-minute walk away and the beach was a 20-minute walk away.

How did you experience your trip?

Since you only have half-day classes, you have a lot of free time, which you can spend however you want. I loved hiking, surfing, shopping, going to the beach, or eating out. The sunrises and sunsets were also "next level" and are highly recommended. Living right in Honolulu, there is always something going on! Whether you want to go to the beach party or shopping, it's never far. Otherwise, you can take the bus, which is not comparable to the bus system in Europe, but is an adventure every time.

What is your favorite memory of your trip?

My favorite experiences of the stay were diving with sharks, experiencing the lava of an active volcano and the Hawaiian culture in general. The mental attitude and way of life of the locals is admirable. We could certainly all take a leaf out of their book.

What did you take away from your trip?

Besides the unforgettable and breathtaking experiences, I was able to make international friends, spend endless hours on the waves and take home a ukulele and the CAE certificate.

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